Transport, storage and unwinding solution in one -

Spooling pallet

Transport, storage and unwinding solution in one

The pallet can also be ordered filled with a cable. In this case, please contact our customer service.

Артикул Обозначение
85008062 Spooling pallet


  • By using the rolls, the unwinding of the cable directly from the pallet is possible in a simple way
  • No need to move the drum thus reducing any risk of damage
  • reusable

Области применения

  • Изолирование, защита, термоусаживание


  • Pallet frame with two integrated rolls
  • Suitable for drums with a flange diameter of up to 90cm
  • Pallet can be picked up from all four sides by the forklift
  • Suitable for export as IPPC treated


  • Drum width: up to 90cm
  • Dimensions: L=800, W=800mm

Общие данные

  • Max. load: 500 kg
  • Weight: 16 kg

  • Фотографии и иллюстрации представлены не в точном масштабе и не являются точными до подробностей иллюстрациями соответствующих изделий.