Mobile CHARGE box -

Mobile CHARGE box

Артикул Обозначение Power
Direct charge
74880628 CHARGE MOBILE T2 DL 16A 11kW SO LED 11 kW
74880631 CHARGE MOBILE T2 DL 32A 22kW SO LED 22 kW
Key switch
74880630 CHARGE MOBILE T2 KS 16A 11kW SO LED 11 kW
74880633 CHARGE MOBILE T2 KS 32A 22kW SO LED 22 kW
74880629 CHARGE MOBILE T2 SSB 16A 11kW SO LED 11 kW
74880632 CHARGE MOBILE T2 SSB 32A 22kW SO LED 22 kW

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Номинальное напряжение

  • 200-250 V


  • Robust mobile charging station for construction sites, car workshops and temporary events


  • Direct charge - charging starts withour pre-authorisation
  • Start-stop-button or key switch for start or end of the charging process
  • Energy reserve in case of power failure
  • Overheating monitoring
  • Поставляется в готовом для использования виде


  • Solid rubber grip with nose for cable fixing
  • Lockable stainless-steel quicklock
  • Openable cover, user-friendly access to the safety devices
  • High rubber feets protects against dirt on the floor
  • Charging load limitation (32A variants) by switch from 22kW/ 32A to 11kW/ 16A. Works only with Type 2 charging connector 22kW/ 32A (220Ω)